Get rid of acne


Sometimes it just gets too tempting to bust those horrible zits out, but always be careful because once you open up your skin to get rid of acne it may even worsen it.Getting rid of acne is then one of the best solutions to avoid causing more trouble if you are able to minimize it, better yet, even eliminate it from the equation. Acne is the result of the inflammation if the skin when it reacts to the pores of the skin getting clogged by a mixture of sebum, hair and skin cells mix together to form a plug on the pores of the skin.

The cause of acne

There is still no scientific explanation as to what causes acne, however, medical experts suggest that acne develops when sebum, hair and skin cells clump together to form a substance that forms into a plug on the pores of the skin. Bacteria starts to grow the moment the acne or pimple stays unattended longer as it may impact you performance.Other probable causes of acne are hormonal changes during the adolescent years, as well as for the older ones during the menopausal stage, although it does not happen to everyone at this point in their lives.

How to get rid of acne

There are several ways of getting rid of acne in the skin and making sure that it could mitigate its effects on the skin. Always clean your face gently and use only mild facial cleanser. Avoid using solutions that have abrasive sediments as it can cause more damage. Avoid pricking the acne because it can cause bad infection and even scarring that could discolor the skin parts that are affected .Shave carefully and lightly. Do not apply too much pressure when using the razor or clipper. Also make sure to have the blades cleaned regularly.Do not stay long under the sun and always rehydrate during a hot day. Use makeup that is oil free and look for those labeled non come do genic, which are know to not plug the skin pores.
Always shampoo the hair regularly, oily hair often adds up to sebum on the hair follicles that can cause the infections to worsen.

Here are the different types of acne and pimples

Blackheads. These are caused when pimples stay under the skin surface and show up like little bulges. These appear black but are not from the dirt on the skin, rather an effect of oxidation that turns it into a black color. Whiteheads. These are more docile effects of white deposits that penetrate the skin. Papules. These are small yet tender pink bumps that often surround the beach area.Pustules. These are characterized  by pimples that are red at the bottom and has developed pus on top. Nodules. Painful and large solid pimples that are buried deep into the skin.

Never mess with your acne

Avoid squeezing it yourself. Once you break the skin to squeeze it out, you open up your skin surface to germs that may have contaminated your hands and end up worsening the infection rather than reducing it.
If symptoms persist, consult your dermatologist.

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