Causes of acne


Everyone goes through a phase when they feel like the world is against them all because of the presence of acne on their faces. This is a natural part of growing up and is a phase that one goes through.
Acne can be one of the most irritating problems one can have on their face and there are in fact some home-grown remedies that can be used to treat rather than spend money on expensive treatments.Acne is the inflammation or infection of the sebaceous glands that are found in the skin which is visible by the reddening of the skin called pimples and are common among teens undergoing the adolescence stage. Some people also experience having acne later on in life as an effect of hormonal change in the body.

 Causes of acne

Although the actual cause of acne is still very much unknown, medical experts suggests that develops when sebum, hair and skin cells join together to form a substance that forms into a plug on the pores of the skin. Since the plug blocks the skin from breathing properly, it cultures bacteria that causes the swelling, which is a sign of inflammation and is a natural reaction of the body to protect the body from further damage.It is during this process where that plug starts to break down and a pimple starts to develop. Other highly probable causes of acne are hormonal changes during the adolescent years, as well as for the older ones during the menopausal stage, although it does not happen to everyone at this point in their lives.Other causes are also due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, abrupt cessation or at the onset of taking birth control pills, allergic reaction to certain medicines and regular greasy makeup application.

Always be careful with your skin

Some of the reasons why acne tends to worsen is because there are inflammatory agents that aggravate the infection, like dust particles or excess of oil production in the skin.This is where skin hygiene becomes essential because dirt, dust and grime from can aggravate acne.One of the many probable causes of acne is extended sun exposure, which dries out the skin. Make sure to always keep the skin hydrated by applying lotion and sun protection whenever you are going outdoors. Since facial skin is more sensitive compared to your arms and legs, make sure that you apply prescribed facial moisturizers, as well as hand and body lotion for the arms and legs

Never mess with your acne

Avoid squeezing out your zits or breaking up the pustules. Never try to prick it yourself. Most especially with your hands or fingers, since it may be abundant with germs on the last contact of any item you touched.
Once you break the skin to squeeze it out, you open up your skin surface to germs that may have contaminated your hands and end up worsening the infection rather than reducing it.

Always care for your skin

Always take extra caution and care for your skin. Never try to use too much cosmetics or any chemicals that could dry or damage your skin. Use organic or natural-based ingredients on your skin to avoid any complication that may result from messing with your acne.If symptoms persist, consult your dermatologist.

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