Acne treatment


Acne treatments are not impossible to find nowadays, since there are lots of effective methods that have been proven and tested. Nonetheless, it is still a pet peeve of many people, especially those who are greatly affected with numerous amounts of pustules and pimples that seem unusually too many compared to some who only have a few. Acne is the inflammation or infection of the sebaceous glands that are found in the skin which is visible by the reddening of the skin called pimples and are common among teens undergoing the adolescence stage.

Some people also experience having acne later on in life as an effect of hormonal change in the body.

Remedies that are found effective against acne There are in fact several proven remedies that can help alleviate the problem of acne where that you can easily find at home. In order to have clearer skin and prevent from getting acne, start scrounging your pantry for some of the best and proven acne home remedies that you can find. There are a lot of natural remedies that are effective against acne and since it is an inflammation, you need to apply a non-inflammatory agent to help control it.Aspirin, is an effective analgesic that fights infection. You can pound a tablet of aspirin until it becomes a fine powder and mix a few drops of tea tree or green tea oil, which are also rich in antioxidants that help fight off the effects of inflammation and infection.

Just mix aspirin with the mineral oil and form into a paste and apply on the affected skin.

Make sure to remove excess oil and dirt from the skin first before applying the home-made aspirin paste.Things to avoid Some of the reasons why acne tends to worsen is because there are inflammatory agents that aggravate the infection, like dust particles or excess of oil production in the skin.Among other that affect the skin’s vulnerability is long sun exposure, which tends to dry out the skin. Make sure to always keep the skin hydrated by applying lotion and sun protection whenever you are going outdoors. Facial skin is more sensitive compared to your arms and legs, so make sure that you apply prescribed facial moisturizers, as well as hand and body lotion for the arms and legs.

 Never squeeze or pinch the affected areas

No matter how tempting it gets, never squeeze out your zits or break up the pustules. Never try to prick it yourself. Once you break the skin to squeeze it out, you open up your skin surface to germs that may have contaminated your hands and end up worsening the infection rather than reducing it.

Always pay careful attention to your skin.

Always take extra caution and care for your skin. Never try to use too much cosmetics or any chemicals that could dry or damage your skin. Use organic or natural-based ingredients on your skin to avoid any complication that may result from messing with your acne.If symptoms persist, consult your dermatologist to determine what could be the next step to preventing it, because it could also be a side effect to a health condition that you may be experiencing.

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